About Mr. Stacky

YP Supplier, aka Mr. Stacky, was founded in 2009 by Yaping Xing Morgan and her husband Robert Morgan. In that year, around 40 million households in the US were participating in food gardening, a jump of 4 million gardeners from the previous year. Yaping and Robert realized they could contribute to this trend by developing planters and hydroponic systems that would allow home and commercial gardeners to grow more plants in less space.

Their innovative vertical gardening designs save space, water and nutrients. Over the past 11 years they have improved on their original design and created the perfect home gardening system. Mr. Satcky’s products range from modular planters that can be stacked to your desired height, to self-contained hydroponic and aquaponic systems that practically run themselves. One of their newest designs is a deep root hydroponic system that can be used for growing tomatoes and other plants that can’t be grown in conventional planters.

Mr. Stacky planters and systems are great for home gardeners, but it doesn’t stop there. Large commercial farms and u-pick strawberry farms employ Mr. Stacky planters to maximize their yields, and schools use them to teach students about hydroponic systems inside limited classroom space.

Benefits of Mr. Stacky Vertical Planters:

Easy to use: Our flow-through design makes watering easier than ever. It’s as simple as watering from the top planter and letting gravity do the rest.
Effective: Our solutions save space, water and fertilizer for both home gardeners and commercial growers.
Attractive: We designed our products to be beautiful as well as functional. Our customers use them to add beauty to their homes, porches and yards.

Automation meets gardening!

Our Smartfarm self-contained recirculating system makes growing even easier. You can travel without worrying about your garden – the Smartfarm system is self-watering and self-feeding.

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