Best Way To Grow Strawberries In Containers

Have you ever wondered what is the best way to grow strawberries in containers?  Strawberries are one of the most popular berries in the world.  They are also ideal for growing vertically. Strawberries grown vertically use less water and produce more fruit than those grown in traditional rows.  Another key element is drainage; you never want your roots to just sit in water so a flow through design is essential.

For beginning gardeners, the best way to grow strawberries is to begin with plant starts.  Pick out your strongest plant starts and insert them into your plant containers.  Strawberries grow best where the soil is fertile, well-drained, and amply enriched with organic matter.  If you are growing outdoors hydroponically in a drip system you will want to use coco fiber.  Coco fiber holds moisture extremely well and also allow your roots to breath.  Hydroton clay pebbles can be mixed in with soil or coco fiber.  Hydroton has tons of tiny air pockets that will add more oxygen to the root system and prevent root rot.

After inserting the strongest plant starts in your containers, your strawberry plants will begin to produce fruit within 28 days.  These starts will also send off daughter plants that will be capable of producing fruits. Once the daughter plants are long enough to reach a lower container it will need to be set and pinned into the container to ensure rooting.  Using containers will keep your strawberries off the ground away from ground pest because as we know we are not the only ones that love to eat strawberries.

How Much Light Do Strawberry Plants Need? Strawberries do best with ten or more hours of sunlight a day. However, they can still be productive with a minimum of six hours of light a day.  The more light strawberries get the more fruit you will pick. Just remember, strawberries can’t get too much light!

What Temperature Do Strawberries Grow Best At? Ideally the temperature for strawberries should remain between 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and between 55 to 63 degrees during the nighttime.  Strawberries tend to prefer a pH range between 5.5 and 6.5 for this sweet fruit-producing plant.

When Is The Best Time To Pick Strawberries? Ripe strawberries should be ready for picking about 30 days after blossoms form.  Once the plant starts to produce fruit you will be able to harvest berries about three times a week.  Make sure you leave a small piece of the stem still attached to the fruit when you harvest.  The premium time to pick berries is in the morning when they are at their coolest temperature.