How To Build A Vertical Garden

Vertical gardening or gardening in general has never been so fun and easy. I am going to teach you how to build a vertical garden with the Mr Stacky planters plus a few items found at your local hardware store.

Below is a list of item you will need:

1. 6-10 Mr Stacky Stackable Planters
2. 1″ PVC Pipe For 18″ Pots or 3/4″ PVC Pipe For 13″ Pots
3. 1″ PVC Coupling For 18″ Pots or 3/4″ PVC Coupling For 13″ Pots
4. 3/4″ Steel Conduit Pipe 5′ Long for 18″ Pots or 1/2″ Steel Conduit 5′ Long For 13″ Pots
5. Block of wood to put over conduit when hammering.

Step 1: Drive Conduit 2.5′ into ground; Use block of wood over top of conduit when hammering
Step 2: Cut PVC pipe 12-18 inches long & place over conduit
Step 3: Attach coupling to PVC pipe for pots to rest on and rotate
Step 4: Attached next PVC pipe 5′ long to coupling
Step 5: Stack your pots one by one on the pole

Finished! Yes it is that easy. Just Plant and Water The Top now.

Note: For extra support on the 18″ pots you may want to use a 1/2″ conduit and 3/4″ conduit driven into the ground.