Hydroponics vs Soil

Why hydroponics plants?

People nowadays are highly focused on healthy diet procedures and consuming organic produce. This results in the growing demand for the hydroponic plants. Hydroponics is a wonderful system of agriculture which utilizes nutrient-laden water instead of soil for plant nourishment. The vegetables grown in this way contain more vitamins, the taste is amazing and is without doubt better than soil grown produce.

Today, many countries have adopted this wonderful scientific method to grow terrestrial plants and found incredible results. It is also quite important to note how this system helps the environment. This system really is doing wonders in the agricultural field allowing the recycling of water and hydroponic nutrients, so that no materials are wasted.

Important things to be considered

The essential ingredients required to grow hydroponic plants are:

Carbon dioxide

Hydroponics Vs Soil

Believe it or not, growing hydroponically is many times better than using soil. Below are some good reasons you should know why hydroponics win over soil grown plants:

Fast Results – This is an excellent benefit that you can enjoy. These plants grow 30-50% quicker than soil grown plants under the same conditions. It helps to save a lot of valuable time in weeding, pest controlling and watering. Definitely benefitting the hydroponic growers.

Pesticide and Harmful Chemical Free – The pests and diseases are significantly reduced in hydroponics. Eliminating soil really helps to eliminate different soil borne diseases and pests which cause plant health problems. In this type of growing field, farmers don’t need to use harmful pesticides. Also, there is no need to conserve water.

Space Saving – It is the major reason why there is a tremendous demand for these systems. As these plants do not grow in the soil, their roots don’t have to struggle to search and spread out to locate nutrients. All they need is a bath of oxygenated nutrient solution where they are placed. This helps to save an incredible amount of space when compared to traditional soil gardening. Due to this, you can get to pack your plants in a closer manner which results in a huge space saving.

Extreme Control for you – In this wonderful system, you are the master of your plant’s environment. You have complete control over these plants and it’s up to you to create the perfect temperature, humidity, nutrient mixture, and growing schedule.

Flexibility – With the extensive research done on these growing techniques, researchers finally came to the conclusion that they could also be used in places such as deserts. This shows the flexibility of this system.