Transplanting from Soil to Deep Water Culture

Do you have plants that you want to save from frost? Transplanting from soil to deep water culture can help save your beloved herbs or greens. We will offer a few quick ideas on how to safely move your plants from the ground to a deep water container.

In order for any transplant to work, you need to understand your plants and the soil around it. In order to transplant from soil to deep water, you will need to be able to easily remove the dirt from the roots. If the soil is heavy clay or compacted, survival may decrease. Certain plants also do better with transplanting than others.

You’ll have a better chance at keeping the roots happy, if the soil is loose. While it is always advisable to gently scoop up the plant with a small tool, some plants with shallow roots or really loose soil may just come up with a light tug.

When the plant is free from the garden bed, gently remove as much soil as you can with your hands. Be careful not to disturb the roots too much.  Then, you can simply rinse away any excess soil by lightly sprayer or running the plant under water. In some cases, there may be small deposits left on the roots. Just keep running the water until it runs clear. A tiny rock or piece of bark shouldn’t throw things off too much.

Once your roots are free from dirt, you can place the plant directly in water. You may support the plant in any way that helps. Some plants like mint can sit in water without any clay pellets, as long as the top is supported by the rim of a hole or pot. Heavier roots may enjoy being buried in light clay pellets. If roots are in clay pellets and not directly touching the waterline, you will need to hand water until the roots reach the water. Watch the plants for a few days and see how they do.

As a final tip, pinching just a tiny bit off the top of your plant can encourage root growth. Use your own judgement, but don’t go too harsh. If you remove too much, you may kill the plant.

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Cheryl Hughey (on behalf of Mr. Stacky)