Winterizing Your Mr. Stacky

How do you store your Mr. Stacky in colder weather?

Caring for your Mr. Stacky throughout the winter can help you be better prepared for the next season. What you do with your pots is dependent upon the severity of the season in your area. We’ll overview a view tips here.

For those growing in soil only, you’ll want to let your pots dry out in the sun. This will reduce the moisture levels and the prevent any expansion of water in the soil due to freezing. Once the soil is dry, you can move your pots to a covered area like a patio, garage or shed. If they are too heavy to move, you can empty out the soil or cover your entire Mr. Stacky with a heavy gauge plastic bag.  (Note: Starting with fresh soil every year can make gardening easier. Don’t be afraid to compost your soil at the end of the season and start fresh the next year. This will also give you a chance to clean your pots to inhibit disease.)

If you are using Mr. Stacky to grow hydroponically and are in an area that freezers, you’ll want to take a few extra steps. First, make sure you let your growing medium dry out and remove any water from the tank. Secondly, remove the motor and store it inside. This will prevent any leftover water from freezing inside the motor. Also, be sure to check your sprinkler head and tubes to be sure they are dry. Then, either move the Mr. Stacky to a covered area or cover it with a heavy gauge plastic bag.

If you live in an area that doesn’t freeze, you may only need to cover your Mr. Stacky with a plastic bag or store it in a covered area. If your in an area where you can garden all year, then you can rejoice and enjoy.

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Cheryl Hughey (on behalf of Mr. Stacky)