DIY 4 Tower Recirculating System Instructions

00:00 - [Music]
00:16 - berrak and I'm here at missus tackies
00:21- how to assemble the
00:24- hydroponics
00:31- and I want to start with the fort our
00:35- do-it-yourself recirculating hydroponic
00:38- system
00:40- and the very first thing I found the best once you get your package on all your car and the first thing you want to do is set it up
00:56- this will be your first mentors
00:59- afternoon you want to pull out your
01:01- water pump put the nail adapter on top of the screw it once you do that once it's nice and tight firm you're gonna place the water pump inside the resume suction cups me beside the bottom of the
01:20- stick to the plan
01:25- here next thing you do what if you want
01:27- to find their to be PC one is 25 inches together those 24 inches so
01:34- they a bit longer I used a little bit
01:36- longer piece on the first on the bottom part to put into the water then I take coupling
01:50- actually
01:51- with the timepiece on
01:57- then you're gonna want to put you
02:00- terracotta planter
02:08- what you have things or some then you're gonna put the PVC coupler
02:15- after that you're going to flip the other PPC
02:21- and you're gonna take the remaining three terracotta planters
02:45- the first one comes with a compass
02:54- and you're going to go to the second
02:59- present war
03:08- to have a
03:21- take the bubbly
03:29- the Terra Cotta pleasures
03:37- with the BBC cousin
03:46- and you're going to take their land and terracotta fibers
04:03- timepieces gonna be a team
04:12- [Music]
04:28- hopefully
04:46- than the longer piece of PVC
06:14- once you have all this assembled
06:18- then you're gonna take your suit
06:21- hi Jimmy
06:32- push it all the way into the instant pack
07:15- few more steps
08:01- now once Office is assembled go ahead the pleasure to be inside of the book we use it as a keep it sturdy
08:19- make sure that the water
08:21- displayed
08:52- when we use the punchy the whole
08:55- sequestered
09:23- take it as it time and but you always want to make sure to do before you your water pump you always want to make
09:33- sure the reservoir is full of water
09:35- before you put the turn on your plug in your water or else it'll burn up
09:46- and it also comes with a kilogram Takoma
09:49- Park and perlite
09:52- which may be a decommissioned
09:57- thank you very much
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