General Questions

  • What is the stackable planter made from?

  • Where is the product made?

  • How do I make a tower in my backyard?

  • What growing medium do I use?

  • How do I water?

  • How long do I water for?

  • When do I water?

  • Can I connect multiple towers together?

  • How do I do hydroponics?

  • Where do I send pictures?

    Stacky Planter FAQs

  • How do I water?

  • Can I grow in soil too?

  • How High Can I Stack?

  • Can I just stack them on the ground and start gardening?

  • Can I raise them off the ground?

  • What Do I need to set up my own automatic watering system?

  • How often do I water if I use coco peat as my growing medium?

  • How do I plant?

  • What can I grow in these planters?

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