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How to set up Mr.Stacky Deep Water Culture (DWC) Grow System!

00:33 - my name is Derek and we are here with mr. stack II and we're gonna show you our fort our DIY deep water culture and we're gonna do a short video on how to set it all up and tell you explain what we use this system for it's a 16 gallon reservoir and basically it's for growing larger plants tree like plants or trees
01:02 - you could grow all the way up to 80 inches and one of these systems
01:08 - it comes with a each of these reservoirs comes with the air stone because with a quarter inch tubing and a half inch tubing for water it also comes with a water pump and air air pump so it both feeds it air to the each of the system
01:29 -each of the reservoirs and it also keeps the water refreshing recirculating throughout the system to keep all your nutrients fresh and to give it fresh water for your whatever your decided to grow off with the first step the first step is basically you want to lay everything out sort of like how I have everything make sure you have all your pieces here all your tubing is going to go great with your drip lines are attached okay
01:59 - I already touch these ones but basically all you have to do is just unscrew it place it into the holes and then screw the top piece and there would be a rubber seal make sure the rubber seals on the back end of the reservoir okay to ensure that there is no leaking
02:17 - okay and then each of these reservoirs comes with the air stone okay so then we're gonna move over here we have our air pump okay for ports where it's gonna provide your air okay and then these are the hosing which is a quarter inch 1/4 inch hosing tube hosing and then it also comes with a drip line on the bottom which are going to attach your half-inch black tubing the reservoir and what we have here is a water pump that's gonna come with your shipment and we also all these are going to be individually in a bag you're gonna have to take all these apart and separate it just how I separated it so
03:00 - we had this fitting right here which is gonna screw on top of the water pump just make sure it's nice and tightly secured okay and then you'll have your it's about 12 inch 1/2 inch black tubing okay and it's going to you're gonna go ahead and make sure it's firmly pressed and make sure it's nice and tight and then you're gonna have a elbow fitting attached to your drain fitting and as you can see here there's a rubber seal you want to make sure the rubber seal is on the backside of the reservoir and then you're going to go ahead right here where your a self-leveling clear tubing is right here okay which basically holds the air pump up top and then I'm gonna go ahead and assemble the half inch tubing for you okay so the way
04:00 - I would do it I would start with your first reservoir okay this is about I'd say about 25 inches long and then you also have a tee fitting right here okay so it's a half-inch tee fitting you're gonna go ahead and push on your clear tubing nice and tight to you it goes all the way to the back of your drain fitting then you're gonna come over here and you'll have two small pieces of your half-inch black tubing you're gonna go ahead and push both of those on nice and tight and then once it's nice and tight and firm go ahead and push our tubing onto the drain fitting okay then you're going to come over here and you're going to come in between here these are about 15 inches and do the same and the reason for this is once your water pump is pumped in it's going to recirculate all the water throughout your system keeping your water fresh and
05:11 - the once you add your nutrients it's going to keep recirculating all those nutrients so that you have fresh nutrients and plant food at all times because if not the nutrients will settle at the bottom and your plants won't get the food that it needs and the nutrients that it needs so this is what it will look like when it's all assembled okay so there you go
06:01 - then you could go ahead and place all your lids on top now you want to make sure that you'll have this little notch right here when you go ahead and assemble it you want to make sure you're not just facing towards the inside because this is where your quarter inch tubing is going to go into okay so then we're going to come over here and we're going to start with the half inch or the quarter inch tubing okay so you're going to go ahead and place it on the first one to the left it might be a little bit difficult to push this on at first but just try to do your best and so we're gonna take this quarter inch tubing and we're gonna put it behind the handle okay
06:58 - pull it through such and then what we do is you're gonna take a stake and you're going to go ahead and push it down and then if you really want to you could use a zip tie or something like that to keep it tight okay so I'm actually going to grab a couple here and place them right here where they're gonna go okay so we're gonna go over here and come up in between here and right where the little notches that's where you're gonna go ahead and put your bring your two
08:00 - begins okay let's see it should look like that okay so that on the inside here if you look okay you have your air stone you're gonna go ahead and do the same put your tubing on your air stone go ahead and center it how you like it how do you like I try to get it as centered as possible go ahead and put your lid back on top and then go ahead and with
10:30 - basically we're kind of going along to make see how we can improve it each time and once everything is nice and good then we can move on to the next step which is go ahead and place your six inch bucket lids on top okay and I think this is probably one of our best products I mean so then you can take your clay pebbles
11:21 - that's what it look like and then you're gonna go ahead so your air knob controls your airflow input so to the right is high and if you want it lower is working properly so there you go looks really on the video so the air stone looks really good it's working you can hear the machine working and our air stone looks really good here as well where your water levels at okay and then as you water it's gonna fill go ahead and fill up each of the individual reservoirs and then basically that's it
12:09 - you want to make sure that the water pretty much barely touches the bottom of your six-inch bucket lids and you don't want to make sure you don't want it because you're gonna hurt your roots and you don't want to drown your roots okay
12:23 - so thank you very much I hope you like it and once again this is derek for mr. stack e and i hope you like our product
12:32 - thank you very much

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