How to set up your Smartfarm

My name is Derek and we are Mr.Stacky . We are making a short video for the smart farm system and we want to show you how to assemble it properly. So the first thing you want to do is look at your smartphone our checklist which will come in the package. All the parts will be letter coded so it's very easy to tell which are the parts. As we move on I want to show you the parts okay so you have G PVC pipes right here kind of smart farm system you also have the calcium nitrate nutrient that we use we also have all-purpose nutrients that we use as well. As as far the parts go we have a four port manifold as you can see right here which will go to the top of the smartphone planter as we assemble it we have a coupling and we also have two male deferens there will be. We also come and also comes with a digital timer that we'll be using and making another video so anyhow this works as well we also have a a water pump that will be used in this way. Now the first thing you want to do is take your male damper put it on top of the water and sporting most nice and tight then you want to take off the lid place for water pump inside the reservoir this slit right here is where the coordinates of the PBC part right pushes on top of the water pump inside the now that want to place the pump exactly in the very middle of the water reservoir next and you want to take two planters go ahead and put it on top okay next thing you want to do is take your coupling then go ahead put it up then you could go ahead and take the e part of the PVC pipe push it into the cup next you could go ahead with the next three Splinter very simple lightweight very adaptable durable all right next thing you want to do is pick your mouth after putting it on the very top of the PVC then you're gonna take your full court manifold and screw it on holding each pot then you want to go ahead and take your time plug it in and that's how you assemble the smartphone very much and before you interns before you turn on the pump always remember to put water in the reservoir before you turn on the pump or out the pump will pull out it'll burn out and so we just want to remind people to always make sure before you plug in that water pump to make sure it's immersed under water

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