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Mr.Stacky Vertical Planter & Hydroponic

00:00 - maintaining an organic garden in tight quarters and on a budget is far from easy
00:04 - luckily there are solutions that exist that allow you to experience all the health and aesthetic benefits of a home garden no matter your unique setup and mr stacky offers innovative vertical gardening solutions that are specifically designed to save space water and nutrients over the past 11 years mr stacky has perfected the system
00:23 - crafting the ultimate home gardening system vertical planters are easy to use with their flow through design that allows you to water from the top planter and letting gravity do the rest
00:34 - one of their newest designs is a deep root hydroponic system used for growing tomatoes and other plants that you just can't grow in a conventional planter
00:42 - mr stacky planters and systems are great for home gardeners but it doesn't stop there large commercial farms and u-pick strawberry farms employ their planters to maximize their yields even schools use them to teach students about hydroponic systems inside limited classroom space
00:56 - vertical farming is more than just a fad it's a movement that is expanding rapidly the world over for more information on what mr.stacky has to offer head on over to today

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