U Pick farms with Mr. Stacky hydroponic systems benefit from more efficient use of space, nutrients, water and electricity.

  • Maximize Production Per Square Foot
  • Conserve Water Resources – 75%-85% Less
  • Healthier Environment For Growing
  • Easier Access For Crop Tending & Harvesting
  • No Weeds
  • Reduce Ground Pests
  • Grow Efficiently

Typical Yield - Growing Strawberries with Mr.Stacky:

Total Number of Strawberry Plants


Pounds Per Strawberry Plant


Total Pounds of Strawberries


USDA Wholesale Price Per Pound


Price To Consumer Per Pound


Strawberry Gross Revenue (Restaurant)


Strawberry Gross Revenue (Consumer)


Est. Water Consumption Per Day

750-1500 gallons/day

Not only that, but the experience is more pleasurable for the customer; plants can be at a comfortable height to pick without painful kneeling and stooping, and pots rotate to bring fruit into reach.

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